Thunderstrike Cherry was the second Thuderstrike product, and first to carry the logo on release. Thunderstrike Cherry is a major favorite, and today can be compared to Mountain Dew: Code Red, which came out 51 years after Thunderstrike Cherry.

Description Edit

Thunderstrike Cherry is a cherry flavored soda. It has a bright red color with a strong cherry smell and slightly milder flavor. Cherry seems to be a crowd favorite among drinkers of Thunderstrike products.

Worldwide Launch Edit

Thunderstrike Cherry was launched in 1950 as one of the three original flavors, alongside Storm Cola, which was released first in the US and Canada only during the company's soft launch

An Overpowering Start Edit

When TS Cherry hit the shelves, people felt the cherry flavor was too strong, so it was recalled and the flavor was mellowed down, with a rerelease in 1951.

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